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Dec 15, 2021

Episode 200! Thank you.

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Episode Description

It's been 200 (!) episodes, so we take a look back at all the major changes that have happened at Disney World since we started this podcast. Plus, some "favorite" episode categories for fun. Thanks to everyone who has listened to this podcast over the past few years, we appreciate it more than you know. Here's to many more!

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Episode Notes

3:19 - Toy Story Land

4:50 - Dynamic date based ticket pricing

6:47 - Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

9:30 - Skyliner

10:35 - Park reservations and new park hopping hours

12:33 - On site hotel benefit changes

13:54 - Avengers Cammpus

16:02 - 50th Anniversary offerings

18:04 - Genie+

21:50 - Episodes that are still relevant (and the worst timed episode ever)

23:57 - Most fun episodes

27:30 - Favorite trip

29:09 - Most listened to episode (you'll never guess)

31:28 - Shout outs and thank yous

THANK YOU all for listening! 

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