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Apr 17, 2024

Disney Dining Plan

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Episode Description

The Disney Dining Plan is back! Famously, we are not the biggest fans at Disney Deciphered, but Joe recently bought the dining plan on his spring break trip to Disney World. He shares nine tips to help you maximize the dining plan and to make sure you are getting the most value (and not losing money) when purchasing the dining plan. 

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Episode Notes

(all timestamps are approximate)

2:23 - Disney dining plan basics

7:29 - Come up with a plan

10:23 - The value of character meals

12:29 - Using the dining plan for a larger group

17:25 - Alcohol is included

18:40 - Make sure to use ALL of your allotments

19:31 - Avoid using the dining plan for Signature Dining or at least do the math

21:45 - Using kids’ quick service meals to pay for adult meals

22:47 - Eat your snacks!

24:13 - Don’t ignore out of pocket costs

27:56 -  Disney dos and don’ts

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