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Jan 30, 2019

Episode Description

Traveling with food allergies, especially kids' food allergies, can be stressful. But it doesn't have to be! Kim Tate from the Vacations Mavens podcast drops by to discuss her experiences with Disney and her daughter's food allergies and shares tips for protecting your children while still having a magical time. She also shares some practical tips for traveling with food allergies in general and Disney dining in general.

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Episode Notes

Visit Kim at Stuffed Suitcase and the great Vacation Mavens podcast to learn more about family travel!

0:00 - Introducing Kim from Vacation Mavens

3:25 - General travel and flying tips with food allergies 

7:22 - Traveling to Disney with food allergies

9:16 - Does Disney handle food allergies well?

11:35 - Disney snack stands and quick service when dealing with food allergies

13:30 - Do food allergies slow down your touring plan?

15:55 - Mobile ordering

17:15 - Disney Dos and Don'ts