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May 9, 2018

Episode Description

Leslie and Joe discuss the basics of Walt Disney World ticket options, which can be pretty confusing! What is the Park Hopper Plus option and is it worth it? How can you save money on tickets? When do tickets expire? All this and more on this week's episode of Disney Deciphered!

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Episode Notes

0:00 - Why Disney World ticket types can be overwhelming

1:48 - Rules on old tickets that haven't expired (before 2014)

2:42 - One day tickets and the tiered pricing model

4:20 - Base Magic Your Way tickets

5:27 - Park Hopper option

7:12 - Park Hopper Plus option

9:00 - What else is included in Park Hopper Plus besides waterparks

10:19 - Does an annual pass make financial sense?

12:10 - When do Disney ticket prices increase every year? 

14:09 - How expiration dates work

15:21 - How to save money on Disney tickets

17:08 - Tickets we like to buy and why