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Jan 18, 2023

Genie+ 101

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Episode Description

What is Genie+? What is a Lightning Lane? And what does a working understanding of those two (and many more questions) do to help you improve your Walt Disney World experience? We tackle those questions and more in Genie+ 101, the first in our series to help you understand the ins and outs of Genie+. Today in 101 we go over the basics - what you need to know to get started with Genie+. In future episodes we’ll go over advanced tips and tricks to help you shave off every possible minute of wait time as you tour the parks.

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Episode Notes

Genie+ Tips and Tricks

3:13 - What is Genie+? What are individual Lightning Lane attraction selections? 

7:38 - Basic steps for using Genie+

8:18 - How to buy Genie+

9:51 - How much does Genie+ cost?

10:40 - How to use Genie+ to make Lightning Lane reservations

13:08 - Lightning Lane reservations to prioritize at each park

16:05 - The “2 hour window”

19:35 - Genie+ FAQs

20:01 - How many attractions are available via Genie+?

20:51 - Can you modify previously booked Lightning Lane reservations?

21:46 - When can you book your next Lightning Lane reservation if you miss your return time or cancel?

22:59 - How many people can you book Lightning Lane reservations for on your app?

23:52 - Can you have two Lightning Lane reservations booked for the same time?

24:53 - Do you have to buy Genie+ in order to buy individual Lightning Lane attraction selections?

25:36 - How does Genie+ work with park hopping?

26:40 - What happens if you miss your Lightning Lane? 

27:52 - What happens if an attraction breaks down during your Lightning Lane return time?

29:08 - What happens if an attraction has no Genie+ Lightning Lane return times left for the day?

30:59 - Disney dos and don'ts

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