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Feb 24, 2021

Looking to plan a Disney vacation? Let Joe be your travel agent and do all the hard work at no cost to you. Get started by e-mailing today.

Episode Description

We finish up our travel hacking to Disney series by discussing hotel points, flexible rewards, and whether the Disney credit card is worth it. Plus, some resources if you're interested in getting started.

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Episode Notes

2:13 - Using hotel points

3:29 - Disney Springs hotels

4:43 - Bonnett Creek hotels

5:21 - Dealing with resort fees

6:47 - Beginner credit card advice

7:45 - Flexible points currencies

12:18 - Is the Disney credit card worth it?

15:51 - Resources to get started with

17:15 - Frequent Traveler University: sign up here!

17:28 - Disney dos or don'ts

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